Tire dealership, trailer rental and machine shop

We want to serve our customers as diversely as possible and be more than just a service station. In addition to the restaurant and car service, SEO Vauhtivesi is home to several other services; we are a tire dealership, trailer rental, machine shop and domestic fuel oil dealership. Whether you are a local or just passing by, you can handle many things at once and still have time for a cup of hot coffee in our café. Come visit us or contact us in advance to see how we can best assist you.  We are located in Sinettä, Rovaniemi, along the Kittiläntie road.

Peräkärryn vuokraus
Peräkärryn vuokraus

New tires and rims, and tire repair

As a Vianor partner, we also operate as a small but comprehensive tire dealership. We can provide you with quality new tires and rims for your car for both summer and winter season; tire change is fast and efficient even during peak hours. If the tire is punctured or needs other patching, we also take care of the tire repair.

Trailer rental

Do you need a trailer for transporting firewood or for moving? Trailer rental is easy with us. We have a few options that you can rent flexibly for the period you need. Be sure to ask for a trailer in good time to make sure it is available on the days you want. Details and prices on request!

Machine repair

In addition to the garage and other car services, we also manage the repair and service of various machines. We repair, for example, ATVs, lawn mowers, snow blowers, outboard engines, chainsaws and other small equipment at a reasonable price. Bring your machine to the service station or ask us for repair in advance.

Domestic fuel oil orders

As your local SEO dealer, you can also order domestic fuel oil through us. We sell high quality domestic fuel oils and motor fuel oils refined in Finland, and deliver them to the desired address by tank truck. Contact us for more information or inquire to order domestic fuel oil directly from the service station.

Unmanned station in Jaatila between Rovaniemi and Kemi

In addition to the SEO service station in Sinettä, we also have an unmanned station in Jaatila. SEO Jaatila is located between Rovaniemi and Kemi at address Kemintie 3908.