Auto repair shop at your service in Sinettä, Rovaniemi

In addition to service station operations, SEO Vauhtivesi in Sinettä village near Rovaniemi, is also an auto repair shop that is part of the Autoasi chain. We carry out car service and repair works for all makes and models – including camper vans – with guaranteed expertise. We are a good garage for residents and tourists alike; our service is fast, flexible and reliable. Due to our central location, we are accustomed to serving tourists and helping them continue their journey as soon as possible. During car service or repair, our café-restaurant will serve as a nice lay-by until you get back on the road.

Kattavat auton huolto- ja korjauspalvelut

Book service

You can book service for your car in advance through our convenient on-line booking system. In case the need for car service or repair took you by surprise on the road, please call us on +358 (0)400 187 422 and inquire about our booking situation. In most cases, we can help right away.

Comprehensive car service and repair services

As an auto repair shop part of the Autoasi chain, we are able to offer a wide range of car service and repair services at a reasonable price. We will serve you with the help of our nice professionals and we only use quality parts and accessories. Our services include, for example:

  • general service
  • periodic service
  • air conditioning service
  • OBD fault code reading
  • inspection service
  • brake service and repair
  • brake and shock absorber testing
  • oil change

Vehicle manufacturers cannot tie the warranty solely for repair or service within the manufacturer’s service network or with the manufacturer’s own spare parts. Your car’s warranty will always be retained at an Autoasi garage.

We also service camper vans with expertise!

We are located along the busy Kittiläntie road, which is frequented by travellers and tourists. Thus, our garage also services and repairs camper vans. We service and repair camper vans so that the customer can get back on the road as quickly as possible and the journey can continue smoothly and safely. Call the garage in advance, so we can assess the situation or drive straight to the spot to see what we can do.

Additional services

In addition to the car services, we also offer other services related to motoring and mobility. We are a Vianor tire dealership, we hire trailers and we also repair machines and light equipment. Read more about our additional services!